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One Test Is All It Took...

... To Locate The True Cause Of Digestive Stress

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar To You?
Frustrated With Finding The Right Doctor To  Work With You?

Dr. Christine Works With People All Over The World - All You Need Is A Phone!
  • Experiencing Around-The-Clock Agony From Gas, Bloating, Constipation, Diarrhea, And Heartburn Issues.
  • Digestive Issues That Are Ruining Your Life And Destroying Your Confidence...Not To Mention How They Are Lowering Your Self-Esteem.
  • Waking Up Early JUST To Fit In Your Unpredictable Bathroom Time.
  • Knowing Where Every Bathroom Is Along Your Route For Fear Of Having An Urgent And Uncontrollable Bathroom Accident.
You Don't Have To Live In Michigan To Work With Dr. Christine, All You Need Is A Phone!
If you are fed up with a lack of real solutions to your digestive troubles...
You Are Not Alone.  
In fact, there are thousands of people just like you who are not getting
the right solutions to their digestive troubles. 

I want to tell you something that perhaps you have thought before, too.  
And that is:
The Medical Model Is Broken!
Allow Me To Explain...
Most MD's spend approximately 10-minutes evaluating you during your consultation.  The simple truth is that the Medical Model IS Broken.

Testing and Treatment is based on a One-Size-Fits-All Approach.  That is not an effective way to determine what is happening.
The pharmaceutical industry literally makes BILLIONS of dollars each year on laxatives, antacids, and pain pills.  These drugs come with harmful and even deadly side-effects.  Plus, they are only addressing symptom relief and not the real problem.
Every year, new and more dangerous prescription drugs are made and marketed to the masses.  The ancient remedies of old are ignored and improper diet and digestion seldom enter the conversation as potential causes for your painful gas, bloating, and bowel movement nightmares.
  • Dr. Christine is a 1999 cum laude graduate from Life University in Marietta, Georgia.  While there, she took particular interest in not only human neurology and nerve function, but she also heavily pursued digestion and the many benefits to fasting.  
  •  Dr. Christine runs a free and private Facebook group where she delivers outstanding educational videos and informative tips that can be implemented immediately. 
  •  Many ask if Dr. Christine began this work because of a personal digestive crisis of her own.  Although she has never had any digestive issues, she was immediately drawn to this work based on the lack of freedom debilitating digestive challenges such as Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis, etc. have caused.
Dr. Christine Kaczmar is known throughout the world as The Digestion Doc.  She has helped thousands of people, just like you, to find the root cause of their individual digestive troubles WITHOUT the use of harmful meds and useless surgeries.  

Christine Kaczmar, D.C., L.D.H.S. I.D.H.S. is a Chiropractor and Enzyme Nutritionist with a mission to save 5 milion lives from the broken medical model. 

Dr. Christine has built her successful digestion and functional medicine practice around the simple truth that food is the real medicine.

"You Are Not What You Eat.  Better Said, You ARE What You Digest."
Why Would An Australian Woman Travel 9,474 Miles
To See Dr. Christine? 
"I wish the whole world knew about her! 

 Most people know what I had to deal with over the last few years. 

I seriously cannot believe how I feel now."
- Erin C, 
Koo Wee Rup, Australia.
You Don't Have To Live In Michigan To Work With Dr. Christine, All You Need Is A Phone!
Dr. Christine is one of the most trained functional medicine doctors in the world in enzyme nutrition 
Dr. Christine focuses on getting to the root cause of digestive stress with her customized
unique testing method known as The 14-Point Digestion Discovery System

 This is a comprehensive and unique data collection that measure for individual energy deficiencies, macronutrient digestion levels and more.
  • Fat Digestion
  •  Carbohydrate Digestion
  •  Protein Digestion
  •  Bowel Toxicity Measurement
  •  Thyroid and Spleen Stress
  •  Kidney and Liver Stress
  •  Acid/Alkaline Count

  •  Yeast And Candida
  •  Electrolyte Imbalances
  •  Colon Stress: Ascending and Descending
  •  Antioxidant Performance of Vitamin 
  •  Cell Energy Utilization
  •  Tissue Breakdown/Catabolism


The Medical Model Treats Everyone The Same. 
Prescription Medications Are Given Out Like Candy And Diet And Digestion Are Seldom Addressed.
It Is Time To Find The Source Of Your Unique And Individual Digestive Stresses.
You Don't Have To Live In Michigan To Work With Dr. Christine, All You Need Is A Phone!
Get the proper testing to finally discover where your digestive system is stressed.
It is time to stop wasting money on treatments that aren't even addressing the root cause
Stop putting your life on hold because of the diarrhea, constipation, painful bloating that is holding you prisoner.
the office consultation is as easy as 1-2-3 
There is a good reason why Dr. Christine is known to the world as The Digestion Doctor.  

This is her specialty.   Well, she also has the talent of solving some of the most challenging and difficult cases.  

If you think you have been everywhere and no one can help, you have to try Dr. Christine's method to receive the care you deserve. 
From the moment you call our office, you will be greeted by Patti or Sue.  

They will get some quick and easy information and then schedule a convenient time for you to meet privately with Dr. Christine.
Upon entering our office, you will immediately sense that this is not the traditional doctor's office.  

We do not hide behind glass windows and...we actually love to smile.  
You will see the beautiful plants, sunny windows, art work, and none of the stuffy white coats, sterile environment or stethoscope-wearing doctors.  

Dr. Christine's office is truly a healing office.
"I contacted you right away as soon as I got your number and saw some of your live video teachings on your site.  I knew that you were the one who could help me." 
~ Bogi C.  British Columbia


Imagine taking up your favorite activity again without having to leave abruptly for troublesome potty breaks.

Imagine sleeping through the night without the nagging cramps that make you run to the bathroom.

Imagine never having to create special morning time JUST for your crazy and humiliating bathroom schedule.

Anything is possibe when you are no longer a prisoner of digestive dangers.
You Don't Have To Live In Michigan To Work With Dr. Christine, All You Need Is A Phone!
Dr. Christine's 5-Star In-Person Digestion Consultation Guarantee 
Purchase confidently knowing that Dr. Christine's products and services are backed by an iron-clad guarantee. If after your appointment, you feel like I haven't delivered on my promise, all you need to do to be eligible for a refund, is to contact me / my office. I will help answer questions, concerns with you via phone, brainstorming solutions to help address any gaps. If you still have not received value,
then quite simply I don't deserve your money.  
You Don't Have To Live In Michigan To Work With Dr. Christine, All You Need Is A Phone!
When You Schedule Today, 
You Will Also Receive These Bonuses Absolutely FREE 
Special Access: Be in the know and get exclusive videos, tips, resources from
Dr. Christine's private Inner Circle on Facebook.   
A 30-minute video download on the 8 Phases of Digestive Stress.  You do not want to miss out on this.
Dr. Christine's full color cookbook:   'Thirty One Lettuce Leaf Recipes'
What Some Of Dr. Christine's Patients Have To Say...
I’m a retired RN, so I always thought the medical community was the only way to go. Well, I had always been pretty healthy until the age of 70. Then the digestive problems started. I was in the hospital 4 times for terrible pain. Finally, they removed 6 inches of my small intestine. Still had problems. I was afraid to eat anything! I lost weight and was miserable. I lost all confidence in the medical doctors! They were looking at removing my gallbladder next when I happened to “meet” Dr. Christine! A blessing!!! I did her 24 hr urine test and talked with her. She suggested 4 of the natural treatments and it pretty much corrected everything! I would never think of eating without them again!!! They made all the difference in my life. (Or as she says, they let my body heal itself like it wants to!!). I will be her “patient” for life! I’m 74 now and back to riding my horses, taking care of my dog, cats, and chickens😄. 
 - Shirley C.
I was very bloated, had bad constipation, headaches and joint pain which cleared in literally 4 days... Dermatitis cleared soon after. I don't have a gallbladder so digestive enzymes are a must for me. Also, I just had thyroid ultrasound last month. Some of the nodules I’ve had for several years are now gone. The products also cleared my son’s Lyme in 2 mos. (which he had 3 separate positive tests prior to taking them). Thank goodness for Dr. Christine’s products!! 👊🏼Oh did I mention my son 🙋🏽‍♂is able to stay off Humira for Crohn's and can eat practically everything all because I stumbled upon The Royal Rebel Highness a year or so ago??!!! 👑🏑 Not that things don’t creep up from time to time, but so thankful to now know how to deal with it in a healthy more safe way. Hip hip hooray for my gutsy Northface wearin’ doc! Enzymes are sparks of LIFE - Sherri P, Rhode Island

 I love it! It has helped me with bloating significantly. If I do have stomach discomfort I can pop six of the capsules and the discomfort usually subsides. I’m hooked! I’ve come a long way in healing. I have a long way to go but I’m determined! 

- Lori K, Michigan

Dr. Christine has taken out the financial concerns by lowering the consultation price to $99.  That is an INSTANT SAVINGS of $71!
"Meeting with me is the first step for you to feel the certainty necessary that you are not destined to suffer forever.  Most doctors strip you of hope and I promise I never will.  I can assure you, your doctor has not asked you the right questions nor spent the focused time to determine the next steps.  I will.  Before you leave the consultation with me, you will know our EXACT next steps. "
You Don't Have To Live In Michigan To Work With Dr. Christine, All You Need Is A Phone!
Frequently Asked Questions
Once I purchase this special consultation deal, how long will I have to wait before Dr. Christine sees me?

We take pride on running a tight ship with our appointment scheduling.  We provide special appointment times each day for these consultations so depending on your convenience, you will likely be seen within a day or two of calling.  Plus, once you arrive, you will not be made to wait like most doctors' offices. We value your time.  

We promise you will never be made to wait for more than a few minutes if at all.  Also, if possible, bring your spouse. Unless you want some time away from them.  

We understand. :))
Do you accept 
insurance or do you accept HSA's or Flex Spending Accounts?

Because the medical model is broken, they usually do not cover services that include getting to the root cause.  Insurance companies are more apt to pay for services that involve the use of prescription medications.  We do not use prescription medications here.  We understand that food is the real medicine and insurance companies will never pay for something that is natural such as food.  However, if you happen to have a Health Savings Account or a Flex-Spending account, they are accepted in our office. Otherwise, we accept all major credit cards, personal checks and cash of course.
I see that Dr. Christine has a lot of degrees, is she going to discuss  chiropractic care when I come for my digestive consultation?

Absolutely not.  

Your appointment is specific to your digestive concerns and your consultation will exclusively be catered to this topic.   

Dr. Christine is one of the most trained and skilled doctors in the world in the field of enzyme nutrition and natural digestive health. (Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis, Constipation, etc.) 

In fact, 95% of the patients she sees throughout the day are specific to digestion alone. 
Where are you located and what are your office hours. 

 I hope you are open on Saturdays.

We are located at 47729 Van Dyke Avenue in beautiful Shelby Township, Michigan.  

We are on the West side of Van Dyke between 21 and 22 mile roads.  

We are in a professional, single-story office building with ample parking, wheel chair access, and easy entrance and exit.

YES, we love working on Saturdays.

Here are our healing hours:
Mondays: 9-6pm
Tuesdays: 9-12pm
Wednesdays: 9-2pm
Fridays: 9-3pm
Saturdays: 9-1pm

tel:  586-685-2222
Allow Me To Help You 
Regain Your Freedom and Reclaim Your Confidence! 
You Don't Have To Live In Michigan To Work With Dr. Christine, All You Need Is A Phone! - All Rights Reserved
tel:  586-685-2222
47729 Van Dyke Avenue, Shelby Township, MI 48317